A Few (Somewhat Random) Secondhand Shopping Tips


We know that finding the secondhand hand clothes online can be....a little overwhelming. There's often a lot of scrolling and squinting to look at pictures. At Beni, we are on a mission to make shopping secondhand simple. Here are just a few of our fave tips for how to simplify your online re-commerce experience today:

  1. Use your favorite brands as a filter.  The amount of inventory often overwhelms me, so I’ll usually look for items from brands I already know I love and then use the “similar items” section for further browsing.
  2. If you’re nervous about fit, choose platforms that allow returns. Almost all items on thredUP, The RealReal, and Tradesy can be returned (sometimes for a small fee).
  3. Set up alerts for specific items you have your eye on. This works best for somewhat specific categories like “crewneck sweaters from Everlane in size 16.”  Search alerts are available on most sites.  
  4. Stick to your local(ish) warehouse. On thredUP you can use the “My Home Warehouse” filter under “Ways To Shop” to ensure that your items are traveling the least possible distance to ya.
  5. Let the experts do the work for you Goodfair sends you boxes of surprise thrifted goodies and bundles. Rent The Runway and thredUP offer monthly subscription boxes.  If you want help selling, use Flyp to connect with expert sellers who do the work for you.

We hope these tips help make secondhand shopping a bit simpler.  Drop a comment and let us know what else you are curious about!