Beni Finds: Coastal Grandmother


Fall is here but if you live in California you aren’t shopping for your typical warm-weather attire. Enter “The Coastal Grandmother”, a look that has taken the internet by storm because of its clean, classy, elegant, and most importantly - comfortable aethstetic. This effortless look will cover your year-round wardrobe and we are here to help you find the staple pieces that make this look possible, all with the click of a button.

Below you will find a full secondhand outfit sourced while using Beni when shopping retail sites like Nordstroms, Madewell, and Everlane. All while achieving the goal of embodying and cultivating that ocean-front, light breeze, and glass of chardonnay vibe without ever stepping foot in Cape Cod.  

Make sure you first download the Beni extension before clicking on the retail sites, so you too can shop these preloved and vintage products!

Striped sweater:

This classy white and blue striped sweater is a requirement when achieving the Nantucket portion of this getup. Check out these perfect preloved alternatives found while shopping Madewell and checking out secondhand with Beni.

Simple button down:

Want to elevate the layers? Add a simple white button down under your striped sweater to shed items when basking in the sun. Check out these options found while shopping on Old Navy and checking out secondhand with Beni.

Beige jeans:

To keep the vibes light, we’ll need to keep the look light. Pair your sweater with these everyday beige jeans found on Everlane and purchased through Kidizen while using Beni.

Chic sneaks:

I did mention the key to this look is comfort, right? Hence why we’ll need to pair this look with chic sneaks found while shopping on Veja and checking out with Beni.