I Saved Over $500 on Holiday Gifts with Beni


Throughout December, I had multiple conversations about the opportunity for shoppers to save money and gift sustainably by purchasing items through resale (see: The Trove Podcast, Digital Commerce 360). Often quoted was the research finding from Poshmark that 92% of people are open to receiving secondhand gifts, but 30% have ever bought a gift through resale.  On this point, as I reflected on my own holiday shopping, I realized that I had never actually purchased a secondhand gift. Although I am an avid secondhand shopper for myself, I could never spend time combing through dozens of resale sites to find the right gifts for everyone on my list.  

This year was different - I had my Beni extension.  While I am admittedly biased, I was blown away by how easy it was to give exactly the gifts that my family wanted, while also saving money and reducing our environmental impact.  

In total, I bought 10 items across 5 resale platforms and saved over $500 compared to the listed price for the original items (54% savings!).  

A few highlights:  

Finding exactly what they wanted: My sister sent me the link to a cozy fleece jacket that she’d had her eye on. In just one click, Beni found me the exact same item on Kidizen for 50% less.  The process was almost exactly like buying the new item and I got to give this jacket a new home.

Finding a hidden gem: I was searching for a puffer vest for my almost 2-year-old niece.  One thing you should know about my niece: she LOVES the movie Cars.  So, when Beni surfaced a vest from eBay with Cars characters in her size I felt like I hit the jackpot.  I never would have found such a perfect gift on my own.

Two for the price of one: My mom asked for a SmartWool quarter zip jacket; my dad asked for a Cooke Street Hawaiian shirt.  Not only did Beni find an exact match for both of those items, but I saved enough money by buying secondhand that I also got a second, similar item to give to both of them.  These 4 items came from 4 different resale sites - with Beni I was able to find great items and maximize my savings in just a few clicks.


The proof is in the (holiday) pudding, so they say.  Here is a breakdown of all the items I got with the associated cost savings:

With amazing resale items like these more accessible and available than ever, and with the majority of shoppers open to receiving a gift purchased through resale, let Beni find the perfect gift for your next holiday (or, for your treat-yourself day).