Maternity Hack: The Places You Didn't Think To Shop During Pregnancy


A note from our COO, Ryan Shand.

If you are anything like me, after an online search for “maternity clothes” you quickly resorted to your partner's side of the closet. Surrendering to the first size L button down you could get your hands on, put on the ever so popular biker shorts, googled “geriatric shoes” and called it a day. Finding the perfect items felt daunting to me, and not only because of the limited styles available, but knowing that these pieces were temporary in my closet.

As a first time mom-to-be, I wanted to find pieces that made me feel comfortable, empowered, and bold but to score the finds that still made me feel unique. Being an advocate for the environment and circular economy, I did a deep dive in the secondhand marketplaces to get a feel for what was already out there and how I could support keeping clothes in circulation.

After my initial search, I took a break and looked down at my partner's shirt holding my growing belly and realized I had to get creative in the pieces I was looking for. So here are my tips on how to find your staple secondhand maternity clothes that live beyond your pregnancy, all sourced while using Beni:

Staple Maternity Wardrobe, found with Beni - make sure to download the extension before clicking the links below so you can shop the same finds!

Your partner's button down: and why you’ll love it

A button down shirt is a staple beyond pregnancy. It is a piece you can comfortably wear as a loose overshirt buttoned up on the go, you can also wear it open with a tank top as your belly expands, and use it as a return staple if you choose to breastfeed. Here are some of my favorite finds:

Madewell short sleeve button down (beige) and how to style it:

Found on Madewell and bought through Grailed while using Beni.

Gap mens jean button down shirt and how to style it:

Found on Gap and bought through Vestiaire Collective while using Beni.

The ever popular biker short: and why you’ll keep coming back to it

If there is one thing I learned during pregnancy, it’s that comfort is key. I also felt the need for my belly to feel held, so biker shorts were a staple during and after pregnancy. As you can see, I’m big on allowing my wardrobe to exist beyond the 9 months so I gravitated towards pieces I could re-ware. Here are a few of my favorite finds, both maternity biker shorts and larger sized biker shorts for postnatal support:

Beyond Yoga high waisted biker shorts, I recommend sizing up so you can feel comfortably held during and after pregnancy.

Found on Beyond Yoga and bought through Tradesy while using Beni.

Or shop the maternity biker shorts:

Found on Beyond Yoga and bought through Kidizen while using Beni.

The oversized tee: and why you’ll have a hard time taking it off

I recommend pairing your “newly” found secondhand biker shorts with an oversized tee that gives you the casual trendy look while staying comfortable. This is what I call the “24 hr look”:

Urban oversized band tees:

Found on Urban Outfitters and bought through Kidizen while using Beni.

Kicks to keep you active: and why you need two pairs

Lastly, every look deserves a good pair of shoes that give you the confidence you need to strut into the world. Here are my favorite finds. The first are comfortable and chic for the first part of your pregnancy, and the second will be there for you when you can no longer tie your shoelaces!

The Nike high top

Found on Nike and bought through Grailed while using Beni.

Classic vans: my absolute favorite slip on shoes for pre and post natal. Once you have your little one they are great as quick slip ons to get out the door!

Found on Vans and bought through GOAT while using Beni. (also on Grailed)