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#3: The fashion industry is broken


The fashion industry is broken.

The explosion of fast fashion means that a lot of our clothes are poorly made and don't last past a few cycles through the wash. People struggle to afford higher quality, more sustainably made brands because those brands are super expensive and not accessible for the average person. And the cycle continues. More stuff, cheaply made.

But we think there's reason to be hopeful. Resale helps to solve this by making higher quality goods accessible at lower price points. As people can afford nicer things that typically last longer, the demand for lower quality items goes down and maybe, just maybe, production goes down with it.

It's a long-game, but the growth of resale gives us hope for a more sustainable fashion industry.

If you're looking to dip your toe into the world of resale, I highly recommend giving Beni a try! We're working to make resale the norm, one deal at a time!

What do you think? Is resale the answer to the fast fashion problem?


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👀 Someone We Love to Follow

We love @the_rouge_essentials! Her latest video walks you through a helpful decision tree before you buy something new.  Check it out!

📚 Weekend Reading

The Sustainable Fashion Forum has written a series of articles dissecting the psychology of our shopping behaviors.  "What influences us to buy the things that we buy? If we know the impact our clothing and shopping decisions have on people and the planet, why do we still buy the high-rise wide-leg jeans or checkerboard print tank top that goes viral on TikTok?"  

🎙 Listen while you walk

Should The Government Pay for Your Bad Climate Decisions? from The Daily

A few days ago, the Biden administration released a report warning that a warming planet posed severe economic challenges for the United States, which would require the federal government to reassess its spending priorities and how it influenced behavior. White House reporter Jim Tankersley explains why getting the government to encourage the right decisions will be so difficult.


New to Resale? Here are the best places to start

If you're just getting into the resale game, we recommend starting with categories that don't require a perfect fit and where the items tend to be more durable.  Here are some great places to start your search:

🧥 Coats: Really warm coats are expensive, but they are also super durable which makes them great candidates for resale.  And as a bonus, they are especially discounted right now as we come to the end of the season.

👜 Accessories: There are so many designer handbags in our database at amazing prices -- give it a try and you won't be disappointed!

👖 Denim: As a material, denim only gets better with time!  Look for denim jackets or shirts (my new favorite closet staple).  There are thousands of quality options out there in a range of styles and sizes.


Partner Spotlight: Grailed

To our favorite men, don't think we forgot about you. Grailed is a community marketplace for high-quality men's and women's streetwear and designer pieces from the brands you love!

🔥Popular Brands: Nike, Prada, and basically all the Vintage brands your heart desires.

🛍The Nitty Gritty: All sales are final.  There is no formal authentication process, however Grailed uses a combination of human and machine moderators to digitally authenticate listed items. Learn more.  

#benifind on Grailed: $64 for this vintage adidas track jacket


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🎵Song I can't stop listening to: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

😂Something that made me laugh: The Office never disappoints

💕Brand of the week: Christy Dawn


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