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This Chrome Extension Just Made Secondhand Shopping Easier Than Ever


Thank us later.

There's no denying that buying pre-loved or secondhand can be better for the environment. Though, if you're a selective shopper, often it can be hard to know where to begin. While we all appreciate the thrill of trawling through endless racks at a charity shop and finding that special needle-in-a-haystack, if you're looking for a specific item, often vintage shopping can be a frustrating endeavour. And that's exactly where Beni comes in.

What is Beni?

Beni is the chrome extension that makes secondhand shopping for a specific item easier than ever. The extension works by intercepting online shopping searches and directing users to the same products on leading resale marketplaces. For example, if you're looking for the latest designer It-bag, with the click of a button Beni will provide a whole host of options where you can buy the exact bag (or similar) secondhand instead.

“Our goal is to make resale just as easy and convenient as buying new,” explains Sarah Pinner, the CEO and co-founder, Beni. “While today most of us understand the financial and environmental benefits of resale, it still takes too much time and energy to find the pre-loved items we want. Beni solves this problem."

How does it work?

While Beni was created in the US, the company has worked with UK-compatible resale sites like Vestiaire Collective, as well as sites that ship internationally, such as The Real Real. When using the extension, make sure you toggle to select those two sites in order to avoid US-specific pre-loved listings coming up.

Whether you're in the market for a designer bag or an item of clothing from a high-street retailer, Beni supports over 500 sites ranging from & Other Stories to Balenciaga, so you should always be able to find what you're looking for.

The rumours are true. Pre-loved shopping has never been easier.

Originally published in Marie Claire Magazine.  

Written by Zoe Anastasiou. September 06, 2022